This page has been allocated to up coming Sikh talent, particularly the ones that we at feel are heading to the top. If you are aware of others and would like them to be considered for a sample of their work to be displayed here on this page, please do not hesitate to email us on


Taran Singh: A talented expert in 3D technologies, Experienced in 3D designer and visualiser within the architectural and engineering industries.

He has a passion in Sikh relics, Interactive applications, augmented reality and realtime 3D engines. He also has a strong understanding of modelling numerous objects which can be seen perfected in the finished results of varying complexity.

Currently working with The Sikh Museum Initiative to model Sikh relics and artefacts as well as undertaking commercial projects to develop 3D printing and making of high quality Sikh figurines.



 Link to project:





Although Deepa Kaur Dadiahla has many talents, here, we are proud to exhibit some of her art, this talented Canadian artist discovered her talents from childhood and has constantly worked on developing them. Her inspiration comes from the Canadian landscape and Sikh history.  She is a classical painter that uses acrylic as her main media. With new technologies she has applied her classic technique to digital paintings. 

Deepa Kaur is also a professional software developer, her creative talents extend to the mobile applications, amongst many things, she has also developed the SikhCoins app on this site.  The SikhCoins application served as the inspiration for her to create a series of the Twelve Historical Sikh Misls leaders. 
We hope to share much more of her fabulous art in time to come, and wish her every success for the future. ENJOY…









Another upcoming artists is: Rajinder Singh Tattal the Pen-Tacular-Artist: He specialises in producing Black and white realistic graphite charcoal pencil drawings. He has already been interviewed on BBC radio Asian network and has a Sikh art Exhibition coming up in November 2014, where he will be showcasing 23 artworks which he is currently working which explore Sikh History, Religion and culture via Sikh eyes. Here are a few of his artworks as appetisers to the fantastic art he is capable of creating. Please do ensure you go to this exhibition to view his spectacular artworks in November this year (we will provide further details on this site nearer to the event date): Please note: All pictures on this page are ?copyright by the artist and may NOT be copied.                                                         

                                                  Here is a link to Rajinder Singh's Facebook page